Mariah brings the unique ability to hear what her clients want while determining what they truly need to accomplish their goals. Her designs are inspiring, engaging, and reflective of understanding creative’s place in business. Easy to work with, always makes her deadlines and delivers a product that is outstanding. My go-to person for all of our design needs.
— Betsy Reithemeyer | Senior VP of Communications and Media, 8th & Walton

When I started working with 8th & Walton, they knew they were in need of a brand refresh. At the time they were using a muted blue paired with grays, as well as very mismatched logos for their external media outlets, making it feel old, outdated and discombobulated. Although they wouldn't allow me to redo the 8th & Walton logo given how well recognized it had become, they did allow me to recreate all of their media logos (a TV show, a Walmart news aggregate, and a daily newsletter). By pairing their 8th & Walton blue, with a navy and an accent of yellow, and carrying this theme across all platforms, it unified the external media outlets to the company, while keeping their own identity. Overall, their current marketing materials are all consistently branded and designed with cohesion and unity. Take a look at their site, as well as my favorite logo at Walmart News Now