I Already Have a Specific Logo in Mind

Is this package for me? 

Do you know exactly what you want your logo to look like but don’t have the skills, desire to learn, or time to create it yourself? This package is for entrepreneurs who understand the importance of a high impact, professional logo, and know that they need a professional to present their design in the best way possible. This is the perfect option for business owners with a specific vision, smaller budget and the desire for a professional visual identity right off the bat to ensure a successful business launch! 

What is the design process like? 

Drawing and Mood Board Icon


First, you will send me any images, drawings and/or mood boards to properly convey the logo you're wanting.

Revisions Icon


You then will be able to request any revisions you would like to see. I will make any requested changes and send it back to you for a final review. 

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Logo Development

I will then create your logo based on these sketches, drawings and images and send it to you for your review.

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Final Logo Files

Once your logo is perfect, I will send you multiple file types of your logo for both print and web, as well as a single page style guide outlining color values and specific fonts used in your logo.

 What does this package include?

  • One professionally created logo based off of sketches or drawings you provide to properly convey the design you have in mind
  • Up to 2 rounds of revisions to make sure we get fonts, color, etc. completely perfect
  • Receive multiple file types of your logo for print (pdf and eps) and web (jpg and png) use.
  • Single page style guide outlining color values and specific fonts used in your logo for future branded materials

Investment: $125
Timeline: 3-5 days