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Take your Visual Branding to the Next Level

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Feel Confident About your Business' Visuals

Your Business Needs a Strong Visual Brand

Let’s create your logo, choose your font pairings, find the perfect color palette and put together a brand style guide to elevate your visual branding and take your business or blog to the next level.

When I decided to take my graphic design side gig and turn it into a full time business, I knew I needed to go all in. Not half way in, where I just start with something crappy and fix it down the road. I went TOTALLY all in. I knew I needed to stand out, right from the get-go and I knew that 95% of the time, my ideal clients see my branding before they see me. Therefore, starting with my visual branding was the obvious place to start when I decided to get serious about growing my business.


In order to be taken seriously in today’s market, you need to look the part.


When I first started out, I wanted people to think I had been doing this for years and was already super successful (even though I hadn’t made a dime yet). I knew that if I wanted to play with the big guys, I needed to look like them too. It's the same reason you'd wear a suit to a fancy business meeting. How you present yourself to your audience matters, and the first thing they will see is your visuals. 

I want people to see your branding and think you are the Big Cheese. The moment a potential client sees your logo, they will make assumptions about how successful you are and what types of clients you serve.


And you want that first impression to be freaking awesome.

That’s where I can help! 

I genuinely love giving clients the confidence to show-off and promote their brand. Let's work together so you can have that confidence too! 


“Mariah was able to elegantly represent our brand by creating an impactful logo and identity package that is continually called out for its beautiful design. We have, and continue, to recommend her to anyone looking to take their business identity to the next level.”   

— Jennifer Debth | Show Me The Yummy


5 Reasons You Need a Solid Brand Identity:

  1. To convince your target audience you're the real deal before a word comes out of your mouth
  2. To create a lasting impression with potential clients that they'll remember after they come across your brand
  3. To give you confidence in your visuals when you pitch your brand or post your content for the world to see
  4. To stand out from your competition and give you the essence of being an authority figure in your niche
  5. To cultivate brand awareness among your followers by putting out only cohesively branded content


Not only will I create your logo, choose your fonts and create your color palette, but

i'll also provide you with a style guide that will lay out the do's and dont's of your new visual brand identity.


This style guide will be complete with:

  • The color codes of your new color palette
  • Which fonts to use and where to download them
  • Any brand specific guidelines
  • Relevant imagery or patterns (if applicable)
  • Proper sizing and layout instructions for using your logo

Mark Headshot

I reached out to Mariah to update my brand and marketing collateral - as well as my online presence. She asked great questions to better understand my business model and clients. I felt so comfortable with Mariah's blend of business acumen, artistic gifts, and soft skills that I said, "It's all yours - I trust you - just have fun with it and go crazy." Three days later she shared her first concept with me and knocked it out of the park!  She was extremely receptive and responsive to a few minor changes I requested. If you are looking to transform your ideas from concept to completion, I would strongly encourage you to consider Mariah — you will not be disappointed!

— Mark Williams | Owner, Gigabytes Technology Services

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