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Logo, Brand and Print Design

8th & Walton is another long-time client of mine who I've done a bajillion projects for by now – logo design, branding collateral, marketing materials, web graphics, social media ads and more. 

8th & Walton, though I did not design it's main logo, has several facets of the business of which I did design logos for – including a blog about Walmart and retail news, a weekly newsletter, a podcast, and a TV show. I wanted each of these logos to match the overall 8th & Walton brand while still feeling like their own entity.

I've also designed one of my favorite brochures, which is a customized trifold that opens in the middle of their logo and inside goes over all of the classes and resources they offer for Walmart suppliers. The brochure is unique and printed on a thick, heavy paper that leaves an impression every time! 

logo, brand and graphic design testimonial

“Mariah brings the unique ability to hear what her clients want while determining what they truly need to accomplish their goals. She is easy to work with, always makes her deadlines and delivers a product that is outstanding. My go-to person for all of our design needs.”

— Betsy Reithemeyer | Senior VP of Communications and Media, 8th & Walton