5 Reasons I use Squarespace (Instead of WordPress)

Overall the choice between Squarespace and WordPress is very personal and can vary depending on the person and business. For myself and my clients I will always choose Squarespace first. It makes both mine and my clients lives a million times easier, which is all any of us wants, right?! Here are the top five reasons I use Squarespace instead of WordPress:

The age-old question of Squarespace or WordPress is often a heated debate among Facebook groups and blogs across the internet world. My vote is for Squarespace - find out why! 

Squarespace Pro #1 | Simplicity

The learning curve of Squarespace is much easier to overcome than understanding the backend of a Wordpress site. Though many use and understand Wordpress just fine, I have a ton of clients that are not super tech savvy and want to be able to manage and edit their website on their own without the headache that comes with learning how. Squarespace is definitely the answer for that problem. The website edits itself live right in front of you (which Wordpress does not), and the drag and drop feature of building or editing the site is extremely intuitive and easy to understand.  

Squarespace Pro #2 | Crazy Awesome Support Team

I write with experience when I say that the support team at Squarespace HQ is one of the best I have ever worked with. They respond to you very quickly via email or you can live-chat with an actual human during normal business hours. It works like a charm and they're super helpful in getting you the answers to your questions right away. Not to mention that they already have a huge library of answered questions, instructional videos and a community Q&A section that often answers most of your questions without having to asking for any help at all. All of these help facets have helped me a billion times already.

Unfortunately. within Wordpress this kind of support isn’t quite as simple given your theme creator may be different from your plug-in developer who are different from your site host, etc. So depending on the issue and what you paid for the product, you may or may not have these benefits. Given that they are all created, run or updated by other people, the support system isn’t nearly as streamlined. 

Squarespace Pro #3 | What Site Maintenance?

Maintaining wordpress sites can become a pain in the butt when you are using a custom theme as well as several different plug-ins. The developers are the ones responsible for keeping their perspective products up to date, causing you to have to update each facet of your site when necessary. Without doing so, your website may not perform or work properly.

Because Squarespace is a closed source platform and doesn’t allow outside parties to create plug-ins to install, Squarespace is the only one who will maintain and update your site when necessary. Essentially, you have to do nothing to make sure your site is up to date and working properly. SCORE!  

Squarespace Pro #4 | Pay for What You Actually Need 

Squarespace offers a tiered membership payment plan so you pay for what you actually need. Don’t need an online shop? Don’t pay for one. Decide you need one down the road? Just upgrade! Its a sliding scale that allows you to choose what you need based on where your business is currently at. 

Squarespace Pro #5 | Focus on Front-End Design

As a graphic designer, I am not a web developer. Squarespace eliminates any and all need for writing huge pieces of code and allows me to just focus on the design and user experience of your site. This then makes it a less expensive process for you, as I no longer need to hire a web developer to custom code you a site from scratch!

 Are you team Squarespace or Wordpress? Or maybe you’re still deciding! Let me know in the comments!   

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