Are You Accidentally Undermining Your Branding?

Your branding plays a big role when it comes to building a trusting relationship with your customers. This is something that takes time, and which has to be carefully crafted.

Yet while many companies do make the effort to create their company branding, many are inadvertently and regularly undermining it.

Are You Accidentally Undermining Your Branding

And the issue with branding is that it’s not something that can be adhered to only sometimes; if it’s going to work, it has to be like a solid wall that feeds through everything the company does.

Below, we take a look at some branding issues that deserve special attention.

Brand Strategy


A Lack of Consistency

As we said in the introduction, a company’s branding has to be like a wall, if it’s going to work at all. That means that all materials, writings, social media posts, and so on have to be fed through the company’s “branding machine.”

Part of the reason why branding is so important is that it helps a customer to instantly recognize the values, style, and story of the company. It works on repetition. If a company is sending some materials out there that haven’t been “branded,” then ultimately all it’s doing is sending mixed messages to the customers.

Thematically Out of Sync

There are the nuts and bolts of what your company actually does, and then there’s the “idea.” Your branding falls under the scope of the “idea” of your business.

Sometimes, though, there are a few small giveaways that poke holes in your story. For example, sometimes it’s the size of your company that’s the issue -- for example, if you were talking about family values, but it was just you behind the scenes. Alternatively, let’s say you were promoting yourself as a young, trendy company -- but existed in a place that wasn’t associated with those things. It’d be all the more difficult to convince your customers you were the real deal. If that’s the case, take a look at getting a fashionable postal address from

These can seem like small things, but they do influence your branding and how people see you.

Working With Off-Brand Companies

You’re not just out there in the business world, doing things all by yourself. You’re part of a broader network of companies, some of whom you work with directly.

It’s always worth keeping in mind that you’re not just working with these other companies, however: you’re also effectively giving them a ringing endorsement. If you’re working with a company that has the opposite values to you, then that’ll undermine your branding.

Remember that branding isn’t only to do with your public face: it should flow through everything your company does, including the behind the scenes aspects.

Too Localized

Finally, remember that you may be guilty of being “too localized.” If you have customers across the country and globe, look at your branding through their eyes. You might find that you appear differently to them than you do locally. If so, take steps to make your branding “bigger.”