The Best Times to Post on Social Media

Knowing when to post on social media is important. In order to reach the largest audience, create the most engagement and drive the most traffic to your site, you need to know when the largest amount of people are online.

Are you posting at the best times for each social media platform? Find out peak hours for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn with this kickin' infographic.

The reach of your social media post will differ from platform to platform, given that different types of audiences interact with each site. For example, Instagram tends to have a younger demographic than Facebook or LinkedIn. Therefore, a college student will probably be interacting with social media during a different time of day and week than someone middle-aged with a full-time job and family at home.

The below infographic shows the peak times with the largest audience for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Although your particular target-audience will most likely vary from these times, this will be a great a starting point as you begin to strategically schedule your social media posts to reach the largest amount of people as possible. 

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Based on research from CoSchedule and Quick Sprout.

Based on research from CoSchedule and Quick Sprout.