How to Choose the Perfect Squarespace Template

If you’re looking to start building your own Squarespace site, you’re not going to want to miss this post. I’ve spent the last few years finding some awesome resources to help me build my Sqaurespace sites and today is the day I’m spilling all my secrets to choosing the perfect Squarespace template!

Choosing the perfect Squarespace template can be super overwhelming. There are so many options and each template has it's positive and negatives. Here's how to decide which is best for you! 

Trust me when I say, the best and worst part about building a Squarespace site is picking a template. There are so may pretty templates to choose from that you wish you could use them all, but at the same time, you have to sort through each one and figure out which have all of the features and functions you're looking for – which can be a total pain. It's an awful feeling when you get half way through creating your site and you realize that you REALLY needed your blog to have a sidebar and the template you chose doesn’t offer that feature (I may be speaking from experience here).

Luckily I’ve learned from my mistakes and have a developed a workflow that helps me choose the perfect template each time – and I want to share it with you too! Follow the steps below and you’ll be golden. Happy Squarespacing!


1 | Decide what features you want or need your Squarespace site to have

Unfortunately, there isn’t one template with every single feature imaginable. Which may seem silly, but this is purposeful. Squarespace offers a wide range of templates, ranging from fewer features and functions for beginners to templates that have a lot of customization and flexibility with their features and functionality.

Part of why I love Squarespace is because it fills a large gap in the web development world. The templates with more or fewer features are all very intentional and serve their audience accordingly. Does it get annoying sometimes when you find the PERFECT template, only to realize it doesn’t have one key feature you need? Yes. But sometimes life isn’t fair and we have to be choosy with our wants. If you’re wanting a fully customizable site, Squarespace isn’t the site for you anyway.

To begin, list any specific features you do want your Squarespace template to have (ie. sidebar, parallax scrolling, fixed nav bar, etc), and go from there. It will help whittle down the large list to choose from!


2 | Find out which Squarespace templates include each of these features

Last year I discovered the most helpful chart you will ever feast your eyes upon. The genius behind the site, Using My Head, put together a chart that sorts and organizes every single Squarespace template and compares them all by feature. It’s literally a life saver.

Because the site owner spent lots of time putting this list together, he doesn’t want anyone to steal it and post it on their own sites (which is totally understandable). Instead want’s us to direct traffic back to his site – so go check out this Squarespace Template Comparison Chart and BOOKMARK IT. Trust me, your future self will thank you. It’s a lifesaver.

Make a list of which templates are compatible with the features you want, and bring that list with you back to the Squarespace template library to see what each template on your list looks like.


3 | Choose your favorite template

Once you have a list of the Squarespace templates that fill your feature and functionality needs, it’s time to go see those templates in action! On Squarespace, they have an entire library of their templates, sorted by different niches (of which you totally don’t need to pay attention to). Find the templates that match up with your feature list from the comparison chart and decide which template you like the best!


4 | Add any missing features with custom code

If there was a feature you LOVED from another template, but had to choose a different one for functionality reasons, have no fear! I may have the perfect solution for you.

If you’re not code-savvy (don’t worry, code is not my forte either), there are a few places to turn to for pre-made custom code that you can plug right into your Squarespace site.

A few sites I’ve used are:

Square Studio

Not only does Square Studio have an entire shop of pre-made custom code that act almost as plugins for Squarespace sites, but they also offer custom code services as well. I’ve used them for both of these services and they’ve been so helpful in getting my site to be 100% perfect. Definitely, check them out!


MunoSpace is a blog that shares tips, tricks and custom code for Squarespace sites. The range of code they share isn’t nearly as vast as Square Studio’s library, but it’s free and can be helpful for the right features!

Squarespace Answers

Honestly, I get a LOT of custom code straight from Squarespace itself. Squarespace has a Q&A section on its help page, where you can ask your questions and hopefully some kind internet soul will answer them for you. There are several threads that are already answered, that ask for custom code that has frequently become super helpful for myself to plug in, modify and adapt to whatever template I’m using. This does typically require basic coding knowledge, but if you understand the basics you can typically find what you’re looking for here!

And there you have it! My step-by-step formula for choosing the perfect Squarespace Template!