3 Ways to Revamp your Branding (Without a Total Rebrand)

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Are you feeling like your brand needs a revamp but are hesitant to go through with it because:

1. You don’t know where to start?


2. You don’t want to loose any brand recognition you’ve already built with your audience?

If so, you’re in the perfect place!

Is your branding outdated or no longer in line with your business? Maybe it's time for a brand revamp. Here's how to do it without totally rebranding! 

Sometimes a brand revamp is inevitable.

Perhaps your message, services or products no longer fully align with your original branding. Maybe your logo is just feeling a little dated and needs to be spruced up to fit in with the times. No matter what the reason, I’ve got you covered. Below are three ways to revamp your branding without giving it a total makeover – and  I think these will be super useful to anyone stuck in this situation!

1 | Spruce up your Color Palette

Maybe it’s the colors you’re using that are dragging down your visual branding. Perhaps your color palette is feeling a little old, muddy, boring or overdone. Whatever your reasoning is, giving your color palette a refresh while leaving the rest of your branding the same is a great way to give your blog or business a facelift without total plastic surgery… ya hear?

A few ways to go about doing this are:

1. Adding a few more colors to your palette

This works great for anyone who is already using two or three colors in their branding, but want to jazz it up by adding a few more colors into the mix. I actually did this myself about 6 months into my business when I realized I needed more colors to choose from while creating my blog graphics. I ended up expanding my color palette from just black, white and salmon to include yellow, orange, pink and purple. Not only did this addition to my color palette add more vibrancy and fun to my overall brand identity, but it also gave me more colors to choose from once I started my blog. Obviously, I have a few main colors I that use consistently, but adding a few new accent colors my brand gave it the revamp it needed without actually changing my logo or brand identity.

2. Freshen your existing colors

Sometimes the colors you decided to use initially end up feeling a little dull once you get them into action. For example, if you’re already using a grayish navy color in your color palette, try revamping that shade and make the navy a little more bright and bold. It's crazy how much the vibrancy of the colors can affect the mood of your brand.

3. Keep one or two colors the same and change the rest

While I don’t recommend changing EVERYTHING about your color palette (because you may loose some of your brand recognition), you can still dance the line of an "almost do-over". Choose one or two dominant brand colors to keep from your original color palette and change the rest. By keeping those original colors consistent, your audience won’t be totally thrown off by the change.

Need help designing the perfect color palette? Here’s one of my MOST popular posts to help you do just that!

2 | Modernize your logo

If your logo is feeling a little dated, modernizing your logo works wonders for a brand revamp. By keeping the same concept and layout of your logo but updating and modernizing the design, you'll keep your brand recognition intact while still giving your logo and branding the refresh it needs.

Modernizing your logo is a big enough change that it seriously up-levels your branding, but small enough that you could easily miss the revamp altogether. Big brands do this all the time. Here are a few examples that may help you visualize this concept better:


I did a logo revamp just last year for a company called Gigabytes. The owner, Mark, came to me knowing his logo was beginning to feel a little dated and wanted a modern, fresh look. We used the same concepts, modernized the fonts and changed the icon to a flat-design to make it feel more current. Take a look for yourself and let me know what you think!

3 | Refresh your Fonts

Last but not least – you can revamp your branding by giving your fonts a refresh. This is a similar concept to modernizing your logo, which can often go hand-in-hand.

Refreshing your fonts may be a good option for you if:

  1. Your font used to be super trendy but is now out of style or over-used
  2. Your font is a little out of date and needs a boost to feel current again
  3. Your font isn’t legible and is turning away your audience
  4. You chose an ugly typeface to begin with, but didn’t realize it was ugly until it was too late (it’s okay, it happens!!)

I don’t recommend changing your fonts drastically, as they can often be a large part of your brand identity. However, by giving them enough change that your overall brand feels current again is a perfect way to revamp your branding.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, if you've only been using a single font and want to add a little more excitement to your branding, you can always add a new accent font to the mix! I did this around the same time that I revamped my color palette. Previously I had only been using different weights of the Gotham font family to differentiate my header and body text. However, to go along with my new, fun color palette, I needed a new, fun accent font. That’s when I brought in Madina Script*, which I use to accentuate different words in social media and blog graphics.

Overall, I don’t recommend using more than two of these tips at once. Big changes may throw off your audience and throw away any brand recognition that you’ve already built.Instagram's rebrand is a great example of utilizing two of these three changes at a time. If you haven't seen the before and after you should check it out.

If a brand refresh is something you’re wanting help or advice with, here’s a link to my services page – I’d love to help out!