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Logo and Brand Design

Do More 4:Good is a non-profit based out of New York City. The organization develops school programs that inspire students to volunteer and get involved with their community. 

When I began working with Do More4:Good, they were in the process of renaming the organization (it was previously called Unite4:Good). Once they settled on the new name, I worked with them on creating a brand new logo and brand identity for them.

The logo I created allows the word "Do" to act as both a word and a symbol. With the D and the O intertwined to become an icon symbolically represents two things coming together to as one. I thought this was a really interesting concept and a great way to help represent the organizations core mission.

Once we settled on the logo design we developed a modern color palette and font pairing and then began designing print collateral, stationary and marketing pieces. Here's a few of my favorite pieces I've designed for them! 

Logo and brand testimonial

“Mariah is one of the best graphic designers I have worked with. She is extremely talented and helped me totally transform our logo into a modern and unique brand identity that we're consistently complimented on."

— Emma Tessier | Marketing Director