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Music logo, modern logo, bold, sleek, brand identity and color palette, personal logo and branding. 

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Music industry website design, sleek, modern, bold, black, white and red web design on Squarespace

Logo, Brand and Website Design

The name might have already given this away, but Elliott is my baby brother (who is not really a baby anymore and is actually much taller than I am). Elliott graduated college in December and in hopes of getting this boy #hired we branded him to make him look like the REAL. DEAL. (Because he is.)

Elliott's goal is to gain a marketing position within the music industry. He loves working with other artists to help them book shows, set up venues, work on their overall brand, organize tours, and book festivals. He seriously kicks butt at it too. 

In order to get this boy looking legit, we gave him a logo, website and branded resume which all came together perfectly. We wanted his branding to be music specific and actually based his website design and brand colors off of photos he took at his favorite concerts he attended this year.

Although I don't normally put unpaid jobs in my portfolio (let's be real, he has zero dollars), I really loved how his whole brand turned out so I figured I would throw it in anyway!

If you want to see the website for yourself, you can check him out (and maybe even hire him?) at www.elliottalthoff.com