Logo, Branding and Website design, classic, modern, grunge, dark branding with Squarespace website design. 

Logo, Brand and Web Design

Emma Rena is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, who since I began working with a few years ago, has become one of my closest friends. 

For her overall brand identity, we wanted to convey who Emma is visually – which is a mixture of this super put-together, untouchable-like persona mixed with her true bubbly, friendly, and easy to talk to personality. 

Because of how contradictory so many of her traits are, we wanted to play those up in her brand. 

For example, Emma was trained as a classical pianist (seriously you should hear her play – it's amazing), however, she sings and writes pop/R&B music.

You'll also find her either wearing super tight dresses and heels or baggy jean jackets and tennis shoes. There's seriously never an in-between. 

By playing with all of these conflicting characteristics, we put together a brand that is both classic and grungy all at once. 

This is one of my favorite brands I've ever done, so I hope you love it too! 

Logo and Branding Testimonial – Emma Rena

"Ever since you gave my website and branding a makeover I've gotten SO many compliments on it. People are super impressed with my entire visual identity and take me seriously because of it."

— Emma Rena | Recording Artist