Logo and Brand Design Portfolio – Envivo

Logo and Brand Design

Tara from Envivo Creative came to me ready to take her online marketing strategy and web design business to the next level. She began her business with DIY branding but because her business was doing well, she knew it was time for a rebrand.

She came to me already having worked through who her ideal client and target market was, so she knew what qualities her brand needed to portray 

She wanted her brand to feel warm, welcoming and caring right from the get go, knowing that the majority of her clients were coming to her because the tech side of their business was overwhelming. With that in mind, she still wanted her brand to have a techy, modern feel that hints at marketing.

In order to accomplish both of these aesthetics, I used a font with rounded edges for "envivo" and hand lettered the cursive "ec" part of the icon to give off a friendly and welcoming vibe.

I then paired this with a slim, sleek font for the word "creative" and added a speech bubble icon, which is often used as a symbol for marketing and communication. 

From there, we came up with three versions of her logo, each using a different brand color which she can use to color code different services or segments of her business. I also created a custom pattern (which I made in the same three color choices) for her to use as backgrounds on her website.

Logo and Branding Testimonial

Working with Mariah was a dream. I work with a lot of creatives in my business and she's one of the best when it comes to professionalism and communication. And furthermore, look at that logo! She captured the spirit of my business beautifully. I cannot recommend her enough. If you've come this far to her portfolio, I highly recommend you connect with her to see if working with her would be a good fit.

– Tara Wilder  |  Envivo Creative