Logo Revamp

Logo Revamp

Final Branding

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Logo, Brand and Print Design

Mark from Gigabytes came to me in hopes for a brand refresh and logo update. He recognized the need for a more current design, and that is exactly what I gave him!

By using the same concept from his old logo I was able to modernize it to give it a more current, techie feel. By using sans-serif fonts and flattening the design of the logo-mark, the logo went from early 2000's to current in no time.

He loved the design and immediately wanted to design some business cards, letterheads and envelopes to match the new minimalist, modern feel.

I then put together a new website for Gigabytes that was simple, sleek and easy to use. This was especially important as many of his clients are older, and are not as tech-savvy. Thus, they needed to be able to use the website with easily and without any confusion.

Go take a look at Gigabytes Technology Services site here! Shout out to anyone in Cedar Rapids, Iowa who needs a tech expert to get rid of that virus you can't get off your computer - give Mark at Gigabytes a call. He pretty much rules.

Logo and branding testimonial headshot

I reached out to Mariah to update my brand and marketing collateral. I felt so comfortable with Mariah's blend of business acumen, artistic gifts, and soft skills that I said, "It's all yours - I trust you - just have fun with it and go crazy." She shared her first concept with me and knocked it out of the park!  She was extremely receptive and responsive to a few minor changes I requested. If you are looking to transform your ideas from concept to completion, I would strongly encourage you to consider Mariah — you will not be disappointed!

— Mark Williams | Owner, Gigabytes Technology Services