Fun, bright, summery, pineapple, neon logo and brand design – KNL Notebooks

Logo and Brand Design

A few months ago Kristy and Larry came to me asking to design a logo for their new notebook business, KNL Notebooks. Kristy is a middle school teacher who was sick of the boring notebooks and planners she found at the store, so, she started making her own! Her husband, Larry, runs the press at my favorite print shop, so making them herself was no problem. Once people started having major notebook envy after seeing her custom made options, they began asking for some themselves – and thus, KNL Notebooks became a full blown side gig!

Their only parameters for their logo was to make it bright, fun and have it include a pineapple. Why a pineapple you might ask? I don’t know – but what my clients want, they get, dangit! So, a pineapple it is!

The challenge with this logo was making a pineapple relate to their business of selling notebooks in some way. Thus, the lined page background of the pineapple icon came to be!

From there, the color palette easily followed suite. I wanted the color palette to be fun and summery, to match the pineapple-vibe, so pinks and oranges were an easy choice. (Plus, Kristy LOVES pink, so I knew she’d be down with that as well 😉 )

Next up, font choices: the font I picked for “KNL” was chosen to serve two purposes: 1. to continue to emulate this fun, happy-go-lucky theme that was already being established by the pineapple icon and the colors, and 2. to keep with the notebook theme. I wanted the text to feel like it was quickly scribbled down, almost as if it was written while taking notes. The font used for "Notebooks", was chosen to keep the logo from feeling TOO fun and crazy, and instead gave it a modern, sleek finish.