You're SO overwhelmed by trying to design your own brand and website (without it totally looking like crap) that you've given up and resorted to binge watching Netflix while stress eating ice cream.


(Tell me I'm not the only one who does this? Stressful times = desperate measures people!)


But here's the thing – you need a memorable brand that stands out from the crowd, shows that you're a leader in your niche, and keeps your audience engaged and coming back for more.


You shouldn't be embarrassed to show people your website.
In fact, you deserve to be proud to show it off!


Luckily, I have the perfect solution.... (It's me).

I offer brand and website design packages where together we create, overhaul or revamp your logo, branding, and website.


What happens when you finally have that brand you've been longing for?

  • You're excited to show off your website or hand someone your business card.
  • You're finally being taken seriously in your industry and are that much closer to total internet domination.
  • You look and feel like a million bucks because your brand finally reflects the quality of work you do.
  • AND you're attracting a larger audience than ever because your brand actually stands out from the crowd.

 Nilotique Logo and Branding Testimonial

"MAAAARIAH!!!! I'M SO HAPPY I CAN HARDLY CONTAIN MYSELF! You're honestly the freakin' best. You totally got my vision. I really couldn't have asked for a better graphic designer to help me with my logo and branding."

– Nia   |


My clients who have invested in a professionally designed logo and website for their business have increased their traffic and their returning website visitors between 2 to 10x what they were attracting before.  




 Logo and Brand Design Services
 Logo, Brand and Website Design Services

Brand Design $1,897   |   Brand + Web Design $3,897

Only 4 spots available each month!

Payment plans are available, just ask! 

Here's what to do to next:

- Click the Book Now button and fill out the contact form
- I'll get back to you within 24 hours (Monday - Friday)
- We'll chat and make sure we're a good fit
- I'll send you an invoice for your first down payment to hold your spot in my schedule
- You'll fill out my brand questionnaire so that I can get to know you and your business or blog like it's my own
- We will go over your questionnaire and any questions we have together
- I'll start designing! 


How does the design process work?

Logo and Branding

 Logo and Branding Servies – Step 1

Client Intake Questionnaire

This questionnaire will help me get to know you, your business, your visual preferences, your target market and your competition. I want to learn as much as I can in order to create the perfect brand for your company.

 Logo and Branding Servies – Step 2

Mood Board & Color Palette

I will put together a mood board, which is a collage of images to show you the visual direction I envision your brand taking, and use this as inspiration to create your logo. This is also a way for you to approve of the art direction before I begin to work on your logo, to ensure we are both on the same page.

 Logo and Branding Servies – Step 3

Three Logo Options

I will create 3 different logos based on the direction of the mood board you approve. You will be able to choose one of these three options as your final logo.

 Logo and Branding Servies – Step 4

Revisions for Final Logo

If needed, we'll go through 1-2 rounds of revisions in order to ensure your logo is exactly what you're looking for.

 Logo and Branding Services – Step 5

Logo Variations

Once we have come up with a final logo, I will create two variations of your main logo to use in other formatting situations. This usually consists of a vertical, horizontal and icon version of your logo. 

 Logo and Branding Service – Step 6

Final Logo Files

Once we have perfected your logo, I will send a packaged file containing your final logo in several different file formats for both print (pdf and eps) and web (jpg and png) use.

 Logo and Branding Services – Step 7

Style Guide

I will put together a style guide for your new visual branding. The guide will include your typefaces, color palette, any applicable patterns, images, and icons. This will be a tool for you to reference as you create branded materials down the road.

 Logo and Branding Services – Step 8

Choose Three Branded Graphics

Show off your new brand with professionally design graphics. You can choose three from the list of options laid out below. This is a great way to kick off your brand and lighten your work load with pre-made graphics and templates. 


Squarespace Website

 Website Design – Step 1

Deliver your Content

First, I'll ask you to write up and send me any content you're wanting presented on your site, as well as gather any photos you would like displayed. 

 Website Design – Step 2

Homepage Design and Layout

I'll begin by designing just the homepage. The homepage is often the most involved and usually sets the tone and the style for the rest of the website. This check-in point is for you to approve the design and style of your new site before I get started on the other pages.

 Website Design – Step 3

Create the rest of the pages

Once the homepage is approved, I'll get going on the rest of your pages.

 Website Design – Step 4

Website Reveal

The big reveal! This is the moment you've been waiting for. Finally you get to see your site in all its glory! 

 Website Design – Step 5


From here you will be able to give me any changes or revisions you would like to see made to your site in order to make it perfect!

 Website Design – Step 6

Website Handoff and Walkthrough Training Session

After we have fixed any changes, I will officially hand over your new site! From here, we will connect via Skype, where I will walk you through how to use, edit and update your website within the backend of your website and answer any questions you may have before we finish up.

 Logo and Branding Design Services
 Logo, Brand and Website Design Services

Brand Design $1,897   |   Brand + Web Design $3,897

Only 4 spots available each month!

Payment plans are available (because money shouldn't be what holds you back from the makeover you deserve).

This package is for you if...

- You're serious about taking your brand to the next level but aren't sure how to do so visually
- You know that having an attractive and cohesive brand will attract more clients who will see you as a leader in your niche
- You know that your current brand doesn't reflect the quality of your business
- You've tried to DIY your own logo and branding but it's just not working the way you want it to
- You're ready to invest in a one-of-a-kind brand that reflects you and your business

This package isn't for you if...

- You're looking for a quick fix and a cheap alternative to your current brand
- You're not fully committed to growing your business or being seen as a leader in your niche
- You're not ready to give your brand a total makeover so that it fully reflects you and your business 

 Logo, Branding and Website Testimonial

"Ever since you gave my website and branding a makeover I've gotten SO many compliments on it. People are super impressed with my entire visual identity and take me seriously because of it."

— Emma Rena | Recording Artist


 Logo and Branding Services
 Logo, Branding and Web Design Services

Brand Design $1,897   |   Brand + Web Design $3,897

Only 4 spots available each month!

Payment plans available (because there's no need to break the bank to look BOMB)


Meet MORE happy clients!

 Logo and Branding Testimonial

“Mariah was able to elegantly represent our brand by creating an impactful logo and identity package that is continually called out for its beautiful design. We have, and continue, to recommend her to anyone looking to take their business identity to the next level.”   

— Jennifer Debth | Show Me The Yummy

 Logo and Branding Testimonial

“Mariah is one of the best graphic designers I have worked with. She is extremely talented and helped me totally transform our logo into a modern and unique brand identity that we're consistently complimented on."

— Emma Tessier | Marketing Director


Have questions? I've got answers! 

What's a Mood Board and why do I need one? +

A mood board is a combination of images, colors, textures, patterns and design examples that portray an overall mood, look and feel that serves as the inspiration for your brand's design. I've found that designing a mood board before I start working on your logo has been super helpful in making sure we are both on the same page and that you like the direction I'm envisioning for your brand before we actually begin designing.

Can I add additional à la carte design items to my packages? +

Yes, definitely! Many of my clients do. Get in touch and let me know what else you're looking for and I'll give you a custom quote.

I'm so nervous about making this investment. How do I know this is right for me?! +

Listen, I TOTALLY get it. Let's hop on a phone call and talk about whether this is the right fit for both of us. I'll be totally honest and transparent with you and we will make sure you're totally comfortable before we move forward!

Why do you use Squarespace instead of Wordpress? +

I LOVE Squarespace. It's a beautiful platform and both my clients and I find it to be SUPER user-friendly (which is huge!). I want my you to be able to run and manage your website yourself and Squarespace makes that process painless. I find the backend of Wordpress sites can often be super confusing and have a much higher learning curve and I want to minimize as much website stress from your life as possible!

What if I want more than 5 pages on my website? +

That's okay! We can add as many pages as you want. Let's chat and I'll get you a custom quote for your project.

Do I need to buy my domain name? +

Nope, we can do that right through Squarespace! However, if you already have a domain name or you want to secure one right away, we can transfer it from a third party site and use it on your new Squarespace site.

How does payment work? +

50% of your payment is required as a down payment which holds your spot in my schedule. The second half of your payment is sent after we've finished your project but is required to receive your final, high-res finals.

Do you offer payment plans? +

Yes! We can split your project into 3 payments to make it easier for your bank account. I know for some it can be a big investment, so if I can help make it more do-able, I will!