How to Design a Feminine Brand (and Resources to Help You Do So!)

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If you’ve been struggling with how to start a branding project – whether it’s for yourself or a client – look no further! I totally understand how overwhelming the branding process can be, especially if you’re new to brand design.

The thing about branding (or graphic design in general) is that you never have to recreate the wheel if you don’t want to. There are SO many branding and design resources out there for you to use and today I’ve compiled my favorites for designing a feminine brand identity!

How To Design A Feminine Brand

If your or your client’s target market is primarily women and you want the business to evoke a beautiful, elegant, feminine, and soft feeling, this is definitely the aesthetic for you.

Below you’ll find my favorite feminine brand resources ranging from full feminine branding kits, feminine logo packs, and my favorite feminine fonts to help you design your brand – all of which are SUPER affordable. All of these products you can purchase from DesignCuts*, which is the company I buy all of my design resources from! Not only are they usually the cheapest option, but if you buy multiple products at once you get a discount – the more you buy the more you save! I don’t know about you, but I love a good bargain!

Feminine Branding Kits

Let’s start with Branding Kits. All of these kits perfectly fit within the feminine brand aesthetic. If one of them resonates with you, jump on it because the pack will give you a ton (if not all) of the design resources necessary to craft the perfect feminine brand identity!

Essential Branding & Identity Kit for Photoshop and Illustrator*

Need to create a company brand, but don’t know where to start? Well, look no further because this branding & identity kit has it all: over 300 elements including 12 pre-made logo templates, plus a matching brand board for each logo! All these branding elements are perfect for crafts businesses, hairdressers, florists and many more!

This pack contains super-easy to use vector illustrations that you can customize and make your own whether you're designing for your own business or a client!

Download the Essential Branding & Identity Kit for Photoshop and Illustrator here.

Feminine Logo & Branding Pack*

This Feminine Logo & Branding Pack has over 100 items to help you start up your new venture and help you brand your fabulous business. These are all hand drawn botanical illustrated logos designed for all us ladies who like a feminine, elegant vibe to our branding.

All logos are fully customizable; you can change the name, the font, the title, the colors, the textures, or use any of the individual elements to create something completely new. The options are endless!

Download the Feminine Logo & Branding Pack here.

250 Feminine Branding Pack*

This gorgeous feminine branding pack has a collection of 250 minimalistic logo templates and 20 editable textures!

So much thought has been poured into this kit to offer a large diversity of logos so that you will have the templates that you need for your projects all in one set! The logos all come as presented, in color but everything is fully editable, so you can edit the shapes, the text, re-size or change color!

Download the 250 Feminine Branding Pack here.

The Complete Watercolor Branding Kit*

The Complete Watercolor Branding Kit has everything you need to design a totally awesome, vector watercolor logo. Each element has been carefully drawn or painted, then scanned and vectorized, so that you have perfectly crisp graphics and total control over the size and shape of your logo. If you're looking to add that handmade touch to your work then this pack is the perfect addition to your library!

Download the Complete Watercolor Branding Kit here.

Feminine Logo Packs

If you’re not necessarily a pro with logo design yet, downloading a logo pack will be super helpful. These feminine logo packs have hundreds of different logo designs to choose from, customize, and edit to your liking.

Country Botanical Illustrations & Monograms*

Country Botanical Illustrations & Monograms
Botanical Monograms

Packed full of old world charm, this carefully illustrated set features an abundance of elegant hand-drawn botanicals, letter forms, and monograms. A sophisticated design companion perfect for wedding stationery, logo designs and beautiful branding.

Each meticulously designed monogram has its own unique botanical arrangement, saving you hours of work in creating original work for yourself or your clients.

With over 120 elements in this hand drawn collection, you’ll have versatility and elegance at your fingertips.

Download the Country Botanical Illustrations & Monograms here.

Personal Branding Logos*

The Personal Branding Logos pack comes with 20 packs included as well as color palettes so you can build a brand that works visually. Not only this, but included are pre-made business cards making this a one stop shop for any branding project you're working on!

Download the Personal Branding Logos here.

Mandala Collection (630 Elements)*

In this magical collection, there are more than 600 mandalas, for every taste, making it the perfect pack for creating a feminine logo.

Are you a vintage jeweler or a wedding planner? Or maybe you have a surf school or a flower shop? Maybe you're a yoga instructor or a decorator? Create a logo or branding for your business dream. You can easily combine mandalas and watercolor circles!

Download the Mandala Collection here.

Logo Toolkit - Over 590 Elements*

The Logo Toolkit includes over 590 elements that will help you create your own logo and branding. Are you a photographer or a copywriter? Perhaps you are a knitting master or at the beginning of your startup project? Or you might have a small shop with children’s toys or a cafe with burgers or donuts? You can make your logo, whatever your field, using these 590 tools!

Download the Logo Toolkit here.

Watercolor Premade Branding Logos*

Watercolor Premade Branding Logos is a fantastic set combined of 200 logos, 50 floral bouquets and 25 textures. Everything you need to build a stunning girl boss brand! The watercolor bouquets are simply gorgeous and a personal favorite!

Download the Watercolor Premade Branding Logos here.

Girlboss Premade Branding Logos*

The Girlboss Premade Logo Pack comes with 200 ready-made logos so you can hit the ground running on your logo and branding projects!

Using a combination of the pre-made logos and over 50 different textures and patterns you'll be able to easily create something unique and elegant for you or your clients brand!

Download the Girlboss Premade Branding Logos here.

Hand Drawn Floral Frames*

225 beautiful hand drawn floral frames that are great for logos, branding, decor, decoration, invitation, wedding design, greeting cards and more. The Hand Drawn Floral Frames pack is a great addition to anyone creating a feminine brand!

Download the Hand Drawn Floral Frames here.

Mandalas Logo Creator*

Mandalas are an artistic representation of the Universe and there is something deeply magical about them. Created with girl bosses in mind, this kit is inspired by Indian mehndi, Aztec tattoo designs, and European embroidery.

The Mandalas Logo Creator includes 279 easy-to-use elements that make branding for feminine businesses a walk in the park!

Download the Mandalas Logo Creator here.

White Bloom Collection Floral Alphabet And Logos*

White Bloom Collection + Floral Alphabet & Logos is a gorgeous collection featuring over 150 vector flower and foliage elements, a fully editable vector floral alphabet, single clipart plus pre-arranged bouquets and arrangements, and a total of 15 bonus pre-made logo templates to use in your personal or commercial branding.

White Bloom is perfect for logo and monogram creation, blog, website & social media designs and embellishments, feminine apparel designs as well as wedding & stationery prints and invitations.

This pack includes pre-arranged flowers & bouquets as well as all the separate elements and illustrations so you’ll be able to mix and match and create totally new and unique designs!

Download the White Bloom Collection Floral Alphabet and Logos here.

Floral Outline Illustration & Logo Pack*

With 175 different vector illustrations and 50 premade logos, the Floral Outline Illustration & Logo Pack is a must have for any female logo and branding expert!

This beautiful pack includes various types of leaves, branches, flowers, also logo packs that combine all these illustrations with modern serif, sans serif and modern calligraphy. Perfect for wedding stationery, branding projects, social media images, blogs and more!

Download the Floral Outline Illustration & Logo Pack here.

Feminine Fonts

No brand is complete with a branded font pairing. I’m leaving my favorite feminine fonts below! If you want even more of a selection, check out this post on my favorite calligraphy fonts and what to pair with them!

Portabella Font Collection*

The Portabella Font Collection is a beautifully elegant font duo that boasts a hand-painted script, delicately-drawn serif, and a bonus SVG style!

Download the Portabella Font Collection here.

Hey Bombshell Font Family*

Created with stationary in mind, Hey Bombshell is a sweet yet sassy font family to make your work stand out!

Included are a script and serif font which work beautifully together and make perfect for any modern girl boss brand!

Download the Hey Bombshell Font Family here.

The Playful Hand-Lettered Font Bundle*

The Playful Hand-Lettered Font Bundle bursting with personality! Featuring four handcrafted fonts, this versatile bundle includes delightful scripts and easy-to-read san serif typefaces. An all-in-one solution for adding a lovely hand-lettered touch to your work.

Adding an authentic hand-lettered personal touch to your projects couldn’t be easier as with this font bundle and it's perfect for branding, invitations, planners and printables, blogs, packaging, overlays and so much more!

Download the Playful Hand-Lettered Font Bundle here.

Beautiful Minds - A Versatile Font Family*

Beautiful Minds is an elegant serif and casual brush script that complement each other in the best possible way; they go hand in hand to add an unforgettable style to your designs.

This versatile font family will work perfectly for fashion, e-commerce brands, trend blogs, wedding boutiques, as well as for any business that wants to achieve an elegant, chic look.

Download the Beautiful Minds Font Family here.

Top Design Resources For A Feminine Brand – If you’re working on designing a brand that feels feminine, chic, beautiful, and delicate, look no further! This post is packed with my favorite design resources for designing a feminine brand that I think you’ll love!