10 Food Themed Color Palettes for your Branding Inspiration

I don’t know if you’ve noticed on my Facebook page, but several times a week I post new color palettes that I’ve designed based on fun, pretty or colorful photos I find on the internet. I’ve decided to start doing roundups of these on the blog for anyone who misses them on Facebook!

Hungry? You will be after you see all of these color palettes! Take a look. One of them might just insprie your own color palette! 

The best part about this post is that there’s lots of food. The bad news is, it’s on the computer screen instead of my plate and now I’m hungry. BUT – at least the color palettes are really pretty!! 

If you’re looking to create your own color palette, maybe this post will be all the inspiration you need!

If not, I have an entire post about how to design your own color palette that you can read here.

Now bring on the food!... I mean the color palettes! 

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Green and yellow color palette, avocado, squash, produce, color scheme
Berry color palette, red, purple, yellow, green, food color, scheme,
Coffee color palette, browns, neutral color scheme, tan, dark brown
Green, apple, color palette, lime green, yellow
Donut color palette, colorful, bright, fun, pink, yellow, orange, color scheme
oranges, grapes, color palette, fruit, orange, navy, teal, green, yellow, color scheme
Macaroon color palette, light colors, pastel, pink, mint green, burnt orange, color scheme 
Watermelon color palette, red, pink, lime green, periwinkle, color scheme
Strawberry, blueberry, yogurt parfait, color palette, color scheme, red, pink, orange, navy
Salad color palette, rustic color scheme, neutral colors, dinner table, orange, red, purple, green, lime