The Top Five Best Brush Fonts and How to Use Them

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As you and the rest of the blogosphere knows, everyone loves a good brush font – myself included. BUT – not only do brush fonts need to be used carefully in order to create a successful design, but no two brush fonts are created equal. It's is for these reasons that I wanted to share with you, my five favorite brush fonts – as well as how to use them and where to buy them.

Brush fonts are TOTALLY in right now. Here are my top five favorite brush fonts. Click through for the links to download them, as well as the fonts to pair with them!

Conveniently enough, DesignCuts* carries all five of these fonts at super affordable prices – like less than $20 affordable, so there is no real excuse not to buy all of them, right? Right. PLUS, if you buy multiple at a time, you can save up to 50% off your entire order! Hot. Damn. Every purchase includes an extended license, which means you can use them for commercial projects. Boom! No reason to own them all, amirite? 

I’ve linked directly to each font below, but you should also definitely check out the rest of the DesignCuts marketplace* while you’re at it!

So, without further ado, here is my – Mariah Althoff, Brush Font Aficionado Extraordinaire's – Top Five Best Brush Fonts and How to Use Them:


Madina Script*

Madina Script* is your perfect amount of fun, feminine, playful and trendy. The uneven letter heights give this font the perfect amount of messy, while the large swoops and brush strokes give it an equal amount of pretty. This font aligns really well with any brands building an audience of women in their 20s and 30s who love beauty but don’t want perfection. They're real, authentic and unapologetically true to themselves and want to be able to see that in the brands they follow. Madina Script* is actually the font that I use for my branding, so naturally, it’s the best and you should probably buy it ASAP.

Download Madina Script here!*

Pairing: Raleway

Because Madina can be somewhat messy looking, I recommend sticking to a super basic, sans-serif fon like Raleway. I personally use Gotham within my brand, but Raleway is pretty similar and is free. You can download it here.


Black Diamond*

Black Diamond* is the “I’m-still-fun-and-playful-but-I-don’t-need-to-be-trendy-or-feminine-to-still-be-cool” version of Madina Script. Black Diamond* has an artsier side, making it more appealing to both men and women, as well as showcasing a more adventurous and spontaneous feel.

Download Black Diamond here!*

Pairing: Brandon Grotesque

Just like with Madina Script, this font needs to be paired with something super basic. Brandon Grotesque would be a great font to pair with Black Diamond because of how sleek and simple it is. It also won’t compete or distract from Black Diamond's loud, attention grabbing qualities. Perfect, right?! You can download Brandon Grotesque here.



Outbound* is a light-hearted and simple brush font with a super personal vibe. It’s not over-the-top or in-your-face, but it still stands out in a crowd, simply because it’s not your everyday font. It’s also the only brush font on this list that could pass as someone’s actual, everyday handwriting – which is exactly what gives it that personable and inviting vibe. If you want your brand to have that personal touch but don’t want anything crazy flashy like the first two fonts, Outbound* would be the perfect choice for you.  

Download Outbound here!*

Pairing: American Typewriter

Since this brush font is pretty subtle, it’s okay to pair it with a font that also has a little bit of personality to it. Try using American Typewriter, in order to encourage that personable, inviting feel even more. You can download American Typewriter fo' free here



Joyful* is a script, brush font that gives off an easy, classic vibe, while still feeling current and authentic.

This authenticity comes from the hand-lettered quality and texture of the brush stroke letters. The large swoops and shapes of the letterforms themselves, however, feel timeless and classic. This font gives off the feeling that these letters don’t have to try too hard to naturally look really freaking good. You know, it's like your friend who has the BEST handwriting that you’re obsessed with, but she doesn’t understand what the big deal is because she is just naturally that cool and thinks nothing of it. THAT’s what Joyful* feels like. ; )

Download Joyful Here!*

Pairing: Baskerville

Because this font does have that timeless feel, a classic serif font will feel well-rounded and cohesive. I would pair it with Baskerville, or something similar (there are like a million fonts that look a lot like Baskerville so take your pick). You can download Baskerville here.


Sweet Sucker Punch*

Sweet Sucker Punch* is a super bold brush font for three reasons:

1. It’s all upper case.

2. The lines are thick and solid.

3. It’s the only font on this list that isn’t at all a script font.

With that being said, this font is super fun, easy to read, and because it's so bold, it easily captures viewers' attention. It feels super genuine because of its handwritten quality, while still being strong, dominant and playful. This font would fit perfectly with a brand that aims to appeal to both men and women who are fun, outgoing and spontaneous.

Download Sweet Sucker Punch here!*

Pairing: Montserrat

Pair this font with a super simple sans-serif font in a regular or medium/semi-bold weight. I would suggest a font like Montserrat (semi-bold), which you can download for free here.


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Brush fonts are TOTALLY in right now. Here are my top five favorite brush fonts. Click through for the links to download them, as well as the fonts to pair with them!



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